Sunday, February 25, 2007


Someday I'll have my dream art studio. What is my dream studio? I'm still flipping through mags & folding corners. For now, it's piles of stuff, in a tiny room. And it's not all my stuff. It's the so-called "office/art studio/my closet/sewing room/the "no no" room for my girls. I do find the occasional Strawberry Shortcake figurine poking from underneath a pile of fabric as proof that my girls have been here (probably building a fort in the closet or having a puppet theatre under my table). My poor hubby is squished in the corner with his large books with big words, a narrow table (housing the laptop I now use), a short chair (my arms can barely reach the keyboard), & no proper desk to sprawl out & study. I am slowly overtaking this space. Inch by inch...Very quietly...This is a super secret spy operation that has been almost 8 years in the making...Will he notice?..Too late. He noticed a long time ago. And yet he accepts it, with a few mumbles & grumbles along the way. But someday, when WhiMSy love is off & running & my creative hands have finally accomplished the mission I have set forth, I hope to see a silly, sly smirk on that scruffy face of his! That'll be a definite day to celebrate! Sparkling pear cider & peanut butter cups for everyone!

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