Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Donut Hole Wednesday

OK. Have you ever tried to put a donut hole BACK into a donut? I bought a box of donut holes for the guys at my family's auto mechanic shop today. (The most honest mechanic shop you'll ever go to!) Anyway, my sister arrives to work &, watching us all eat donut holes, she proceeds to talk about how, when she was younger, she tried to put donut holes back INTO the donut...& how every time she tried, it never worked! (Then my brother, one of the mechanics, started talking about how wierd it is that there is braille at the drive-thru ATM machines. We are totally going to do a hidden video camera stunt where he plays "the blind guy" at the ATM! But, that's a different topic...) My sister was talking about this as if everyone else has done it, like a "no-biggie" sort of thought. Well, it WAS a "biggie" sort of thought! I have NEVER tried to put a donut hole back into a donut & I can't even believe that the thought has never crossed my mind! I'm sorta disappointed to think that all these 31 years of my life, I have never taken a moment to try & put a donut hole back into a donut....until now. And you know what? It doesn't fit.
For other info on donut holes, including the history of them, and their very close brother, the "doughnut", click here.
And just how do you make donut holes? Here's a simple recipe I have yet to try, but it looked fun just the same!

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