Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bottle Cap Ring: Take 2!

Update on the bottle cap ring: The E6000 didn't work. Now, it could be because it's just not the glue for the job. OR, it could be that I was too eager to wear the darn ring & continued to wear it doing dishes, bathing the kidlets...I'll never know. The ring was wiggly on the bottle cap as I twisted it a bit. It's now sitting ever so still on my kitchen counter while epoxy has its turn...Superglue next? How about soldering? I know NOTHING about soldering, but my mom just got one of those 'As Seen On TV' soldering guns that doesn't get hot to the touch, is handheld, etc. I don't know if it's professional enough....The saga continues... Check your local listings for showtimes.....


  1. Hey,
    soo sorry to hear your ring broke :(
    for what you are wanting to do, soldering the cap onto your band wouldn't be hard! you would just have to play around with it. When I started soldering, I was very nervous...but if I can figure it out, which isn't saying much..You should be able to. There are really good books that pretty much walk you through the steps of soldering. Hope it works out!

  2. Hi, im having the same trouble with my bottle cap ring :( also i need to find the right glaze which will fill to the top without bubbling and being tacky. Diamond glaze has proved useless because it bubbles and crystal sheen is way too tacky, do you have any ideas ? i really want a glass like finish for my ring ....thanks J :)

  3. Hi Janine!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I have a note written on a post-it about a resin that I've heard works really well. I have yet to try it, but I will soon. It's called Devcon 2-ton epoxy & it's supposed to be a really good resin.


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