Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bottle Cap...Take 3!?

Are you sick of hearing about my struggles? I am!! Well, first of all, I tried the epoxy & it seems to be doing great! Very strong bond! For some reason I wasn't paying attention & the ring ended up not being flush with the cap, but it is still a strong adhesion!
Today I got my mom's soldering gun. Went to Ace Hardware & bought some solder & flux. Had no idea what I was doing. Got home & tried it out. I'm not sure the darn thing works! I'm so frustrated. The solder wasn't melting & flowing. I smelled stuff, saw puffs of smoke, a spark or two, but it didn't seem to get terribly hot. Now, the ring had already been adhered to the bottle cap with the epoxy, so I thought I'd give it a double-duty strength treatment with the addition of the solder. Maybe that was my problem. But honestly, I think it's the gun. I hope mom kept her receipt. It's one of those "As Seen On TV" (but bought in a catalogue) soldering guns that is cool to the touch, but heats up when you need it to. I kept having the urge to touch the tip, because the commercial SAYS it won't burn you if you touch it! I touched it. It was cool to the touch. But, it takes 4 AA batteries & you have to unscrew 2 tiny screws to take off the lid to the battery compartment. Time consuming--mostly because I searched everywhere for tiny screwdrivers for the tiny screws! I ended up using nail clippers & other tiny, sharp objects.
Right now I'm searching everywhere for my ring blanks (ugh! I have too many messes!) to try fresh & new on a clean, never-been-touched bottle cap to see if my theory is correct about the soldering gun being a dufus & not me....I'll be in touch later this evening to let you know....


  1. Girl,
    put that solder gun out of it's misery!!! I know for a fact that wal-mart might have a iron you could use...Just a suggestion, use stain-glass solder or something that is lead-free. You get a decent iron and it is very easy..oh, and remember to buy flux. It helps your solder flow to liquid so you can put it on your ring. Thanks for your suggestions on pics!!! I will definatly be using them. :)

  2. Funny, huh, bella! Well, I hope mom didn't spend a whole lot on that thing! I do have stain glass solder & flux (but the solder is 50% tin & 50% lead). Is that OK, or should I put that out of its misery too? I'll have to check Walmart for a decent soldering iron...Oh poo...

  3. How about using E-600 glue...that is what i use.


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