Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Button Beauties...

I gave up on the bottle cap rings, fer now. I'm taking advice from my Etsy pal, bellacolle, & putting that soldering iron out of its misery. Someday soon, I'll venture out & get a "grown-up" one. Really though, the 2-part epoxy seems to be doing the trick. Enough about that!

Check out these button beauties! Aren't they lovely? I love buttons! I bought two small bags of pink buttons at one of my local antique spots just recently. I was in shock! PINK?! FOR ME?! And, wouldn't ya know, they were on the very bottom of a very large jar full of tiny bags of buttons. I dug to the bottom of that button jar so fast to get my blushing little treasures! My arm just about got stuck, but I didn't care! They've been sitting in a small bowl on my art table staring at me for a while now. And after my ordeal with the bottle cap ring, I sought comfort in my faithful buttons...
They look like sweet little pieces of candy. They'll soon be for sale in my shop! And I'm so excited about naming them. I've seen other artists do this & I think it's such a fun idea. I'm thinking: Chocolate Raspberry, Pink Moon, Princess, & I Dream of Sherbert! What do you think?


  1. What fun rings! I think giving them names is a good idea, then you know which one people are talking about.

  2. oh my I LOVE those!!!!

    by the way, you are IT! Post 7-10 random things about yourself, check out my blog for an example! :)

  3. Nikki! Those rings are GORGEOUS!!! I'll have to commision one! Thanks again for teaching us to make the boxes tonight!


  4. Thanks Tiff!
    You're welcome about teaching the boxes! I am so happy that everyone seemed to like it!!


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