Friday, April 27, 2007

Featured Artists Coming Soon!

I know it's not a new thing, lots of other artsy bloggers do it! But, it's new for my blog & I'm so excited to expose other artists & their craftiness!! (In a good way!) I'll be featuring a new artist every Sunday. I got the idea from fellow Etsy artist Brezomayo Designs blog.
I'm thinking of having a question/answer segment in my feature. So, what kinds of things would you want to know about an artist? I've received ideas such as...."What's your inspiration?"..."How long have you been crafting?"....."Share or describe your favorite piece."...."How much do you spend on your craft?"....."Froot Loops or Lucky Charms?".....(That last one was from me.)
I don't want it to be all staunch & serious. Fun & silly & upbeat! And watch this Sunday for my first featured artist!


  1. You have an adorable blog! I really love the button rings. Soooo cute and original!

  2. Girl, I hope I don't disappoint you! you want people to read your blog,right? lol...don't want to curse

  3. bella, you are not a disappointment! You are an inspiration!


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