Sunday, April 22, 2007

Have you ever googled yourself?

Sure you have! I just did! I put in a google search for "whimsylove" & found that I had been featured in 'a DIY thing' blog on April 2nd. Or rather, my fork easels were featured! Cool huh? Only 2 days after my Etsy shop was open & someone noticed. I giggled over my google. Nice...
And by the way, those little buggers (the fork easels) are pretty hot sellers I might add! I was experiencing a fork drought recently, but went on a crazy "mad-woman" type hunt & found dirty little forks hidden in the nooks & crannies of my favorite antique jaunts here in town such as The Rusty Pelican (I love their $1 box in the back of the store!), my beloved Depot Antiques, & Uptown Antiques in Richland at the Uptown Mall. Of course my Value Village didn't go unnoticed in the frenzied search. Even hit one in Yakima today---SCORE!


  1. your blog! and you fork easels too! And yes, I've googled myself... not very exciting :( , that's okay.
    my blog :

  2. Okay girl, gonna try again! thought I already posted.. love your fork easel... and yes googled myself, obviously not as interesting as you! Just trying to learn from others... love your stuff :)!

  3. Hey that was a good idea -- I googled my business and found I'd been featured on DesignMind and recommended on ThisNext, and I didn't even know!

    thanks :)


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