Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm Crazy For Bottle Caps!

OK. I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this. Everyone is making these bottle cap thingies. Several months ago I jumped on the bandwagon. And now I am sooooo addicted! I started out with pendants. But today I made my first ring!!! First of all, ring blanks are hard to find! I decided to trust my instincts & had a go at ordering them from a fellow Etsy artist, cmyk, from Canada. I have been looking in my mailbox every day eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little foreign friends. And today they showed up! They looked so cute peeking from under the lid of my rusty black mailbox!
I ran upstairs right away to my art studio, grabbed a "not-so-perfect" bottle cap to test on, & had a go with my E6000. I've been wearing it all night. It seems fine. I think I'll wait until tomorrow to give it the good tug-n-pull test. I'm wondering if a 2-part epoxy would be better. Oh well, I'll find out tomorrow!
It did turn out WAY cute! It's chunky & large & funky & fun! I can't wait to get some more made & into the Etsy shop! Stay tuned....You're gonna want one....I just know it! So, tonight I'll get to designing with my nifty papers & cutouts & tiny pictures, & tomorrow I'll battle the 2-part resin. (Please be good to me resin, PLEASE!)


  1. oh that ring it too cute!!!

    found you on etsy, thought i would say hi!

  2. Me, too! Bottle caps are way cool and may they never give way to boring old plastic screw-on caps!!

    I found a neat one today in a store yard. It was grape Nehi, the purple was faded and the edges were rusty and the whole thing was flat. I've been told that old used ones are not tres chic, but I adore and treasure this one!

    It'll be turning up in some of my work sometime, I'm sure!

    Long live bottle caps!!

  3. That is such a cool ring! Great way to bring back a little nostalgia.

  4. Thanks sewlution's world! I love it too & wear it ALL the time! I'm anxious to get a real working solder iron & make other rings--for my etsy shop!


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