Monday, April 16, 2007


My Etsy shop is finally up & running--as of March 31st! Yippee! Etsy is full of soooo many lovely, nice & helpful people! I'm having fun, but it is a lot of work. I've ONLY just begun....
Keeping up my booth at Depot Antiques & doing Etsy is very challenging. I'm adjusting. S-l-o-w-l-y. I've not done many home parties, but that's OK--because I don't think I'd be prepared.
I am addicted to the "refresh" button on my computer!
OH, & I celebrated my 32nd birthday on April 7 & I got a camera! (It was an early present hence my etsy store opening on March 31st.) I've been snapping pics like crazy too! I love taking photos in the daylight outside, or in my dining room right by the big window.
Speaking of MY mom & I took a little junking road trip to Mabton, Grandview, Prosser. Not a whole lot to see. A lot to smell though. I have never inhaled so much poop as I did on that trip! But we had so much fun! I got some interesting photos & we had some great laughs!
We'd like to do something like that once a year. We did it 2 years ago in Pendleton, OR & had the ultimate in shopping fun in all the little antique/junk shops! We also had a 10 month old with us! We like to stick with the small towns around WA/OR area. Partly because I think we're intimidated by the big city junk...

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