Monday, April 30, 2007


My mini-van was falling apart.
I didn't know where to start.
So, I picked up the phone,
called a shop in the zone,
& my brother said,
"I have to fart."

OK that made no sense. It's late. I really did get back from a super secret mission though! My family's auto mechanic shop totally hooked me up with, pretty much, a brand new car. The insides of my car were all yucky & had boo-boo's. (How do you like my mechanical terminology? Can you tell I have toddlers?) My mini-van needed urgent repairs & I was urgently blessed! It is the coolest thing to have a brother as a mechanic, you should try it sometime!
So, anyway, the super secret mission: My 2 daughters & I headed down, in darkness, to the mechanic shop. My youngest daughter was the "look-out". (Yeah, looking at the back of her eyelids. She fell asleep!)
With chalk in hand, my eager & excited (& way up past her bedtime) 4 year old accomplice & I found our canvases on the pavement of the friendly neighborhood mechanic parking lot & created masterpieces of gratitude in artistic expression. Zoey chalked it up with an abstract piece, while I tore up my chalk (& my knuckles) with bubble letters & a UFO-lookin' car! (I suck at cars!)
We wanted to say thank-you to Jim (my pop), Barb (mom), Andrew (bro), Matt (cool dude #1) & Shea (rad monkey #2) for working their greasey little tushies off to fix up my run-down-of-a-mini-van. No payment required. (I could cry.)
We hope the guys like it, 'cause we sure like our "new" van. After our masterpieces were finished, we took our dusty, chalk-covered, scraped up fingers home...
Oh yeah, this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.....


  1. You are soooo sneaky It's so nice when things work out like that! I hate it when my old suburban in under the weather, luckily my hubby is very handy.


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