Monday, April 30, 2007

Superific Fun!

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to be part of a superific fun day! I was one of the many volunteers that set up a "block party" at a local apartment complex where many underpriveleged families live, lots of them Sudanese refugees. There were balloons, hotdogs, crafts, face painting (that's me in the pic), a big bouncy castle thingie, free clothes, music, basketball & LOTS of kids!! I've helped out at this event the past few years with my church & it's been a blast!
I have always done the face painting & I always get strange requests for artwork. This year was pretty mild. A few little boys asked me to paint stick figures on them, stick figures with BIG muscles! One year I had a request for a castle. I thought: "Yeah, if your head was, like, HUGE!" Not really, I painted the castle!
My ultimate joy would be to, one day, have something organized in a really fun, orderly way--maybe at a community center or something--where I could teach kids craftiness for free! Someday...
But my point in all this is to say that if you have a gift, to not keep it to yourself.


  1. Hey! looks like fun. I actually heard someone else this weekend say something to that affect. Share your gift!
    I bet those kids had a blast! I always seem to be the one who does face painting when ever my church does an activity too..My strangest request was for a skeleton.
    Nice job!:)

  2. Okay, just saw you broke 100 hearts on etsy!! You go girl!!

  3. You're so sweet & funny bella. Hearts mean nothing...BUY SOMETHING FROM ME PEOPLE!!!!
    Love ya girl!

  4. Hey whimsy!

    I just blogged about you! And I love big rings! Might have to see if you've got some more massive buttons left!??? My rings have to be big!

    xoxo from Veronica Darling

  5. Hi Veronica! Those rings are soooo fun, huh? The dark brown one with the pinkish center (pink moon) is 3.3 cm in diameter. That's pretty big to me! The chocolate/raspberry one is 2.8 cm....You know you want one....


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