Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have wanted a label maker since I was about 12 years old. So, for 20 years I have had this dream. Is that pathetic? I'm not talking about one of those fancy schmancy ones either. I'm talkin' 'bout the "old school" Dymo labelmaker.
Well, today I got myself a treat. It's an "embossing labelmaker" from Dymo called "Label Buddy" & it cost about 5 bucks. I bought an extra pack of labels for a few more dollars. It only came with blue & I wanted black.
Don't you love the directions? Complete pictures--no wordage! And you can also see a card I was working on that is now for sell in my shop.
My crafty world has a new friend. Oh, I have big plans for my little buddy! Everything is going to have a label. EVERYTHING! Mwah-HA-Ha-ha!

P.S. In fact, my 2 1/2 year old daughter is asleep with a label on her forehead. No joke. (She put it there! Not me!)


  1. Oh my goodness! You are the best!!! You really brought a smile to me tonight! thanks... Label on girl! Label on...

  2. When I got home from the store, after buying my labelmaker, I told my girls, "Mommy just got a new toy!"
    And honey, I'm a crazy-labeling-lady tonight!

  3. I actually *got* one of those dymo label makers at Woolworth when I was 14 or so - I labeled *everything*! I miss that little sucker sometimes... I guess I make up for it, though. I've printed out labels on my printer for just about every container/folder in my house :-) Fun!

  4. I have my grandpa's old Dymo labeler. I think I'll go dig it outa the garage. I love labels.

    Saw your post in a thread on etsy. Love your shop and your blog. I'll be checking back often.


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