Thursday, May 31, 2007


I love sending freebies when I send out a WhiMSy love order. And, these are my latest goodies that will be slipped into each lovely package!
I've been working on these tags the last few days. Aren't they scrumptious & sweet? I wish you could see how they sparkle! Each one has been "glitterized"! I've only got to loop some natural twine on each & they'll be complete!
Who doesn't love free stuff?
I thought it might be fun to see what other Etsy sellers add to their packages. Here's just a sampling of what I've discovered so far...
rowley baby sends out a random freebie on 1/2 the orders. BONUS: MENTION YOU SAW HER IN WHIMSY LOVE's BLOG & SHE'LL SEND YA A GIFT!!!!
Dilly Designs freebies include a handmade card or pair of earrings, depending on each order.
Bella Colle sends out a special something!!
Katydid Designs has sweet treats!
Amor de Plata has surprises!
krazy kate designs has started sending freebies!
Maggie J's Jewelry would like to start giving freebies, but her next customer (her 100th!) will DEFINITELY get some great freebies!!
Vicious Edge is a freebie giver!
Super Fun Pet Stuff always gives freebies!
Gems by Jules tosses in a freebie!
paper planet gives a different freebie every month (June is a 10-pack of pressed flowers)!
Scrubadub gives a free gift too!
letitiah gives something from her "simple earring" section, or a new style she's trying out!
Cats Lovely Cats is anticipating a first order to try the "freebies" thing on!
I've received freebies in past orders from Etsy sellers amy elise designs, daisy chains, cmyk, bella arte by bella jean , & Amy Gaines (formerly 'purl').
(These sellers I've bought from have not been verified that they give out freebies with EVERY purchase.)
**Each shops freebies are subject to change as handmade=unique!!
I'll keep adding shops as sellers respond! So, keep checkin' back!

If you'd like, mention your shop & freebies in the "comments"!

P.S. (I'm still working on my "wacky" idea. Stay tuned this evening...)


  1. cute idea, whimsy! I also love giving freebies -- usually something from my 'simple earrings' section, or a new style I'm trying out.

    off to check out the shops you recommend,


  2. Freebies are such nice touches! Thanks for mentioning me ;)
    I'm currently trying to fill my Freebie box! love all the new ideas. Cute tags girl!

  3. Thanks for the mention my cupcake buddy...

  4. What a nice list!!

    I always send freebies too. :)


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