Saturday, May 26, 2007

Harry, Come Craft With Me...

I just realized that when I craft, I work in silence. Not on purpose. I just sit down to do my thing, listening to the Hello Kitty angels screen saver on my computer. There's even a stereo about 8 inches from where I'm typing in my art studio. I love music! So what's up with all the silence? I think I just never sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time (with kidlets and all, ya know?) that I don't think about popping a CD in my music player. Until now!.....I went downstairs & gathered my favorite tunes. I'll share them with you, but only if you share what you groove to while in your crafty bubble.

I have been addicted to the 1989 soundtrack of 'When Harry Met Sally' forever! Harry Connick is my favorite, for reals.....

Let's see, I've got Billie Holiday "Lady Day" (1939-1944) The Sixteen Original Commodore Interpretations. It's all scratchy sounding & lovely just like the real old records.

And I've got a 1987 CD of Frank Sinatra's 'Songs For Swingin' Lovers' with music from 1955 & 1956.

Those are just a few.

Silence no more.

I gotta go.....Harry's serenading me & I'm feeling all crafty inside.


  1. I love Harry Connick too.

    I usually have iTunes on shuffle or a dvd playing while I'm sewing. I hardly ever hear any of it, I just like to hear "something". I have no kidlets so I don't appreciate silence yet.

  2. Hey,
    The Rat Pack and Edith Piaf do it for me!

  3. Sometimes I just completely forget about music! But today I crafted to a radio show called into the music which had two hours of classic Frank Zappa. It was very entertaining!


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