Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Have Died & Gone To Button Heaven...

The heavens have opened & rained down buttons on me...
I just got the most wonderful package delivered by my grumpy mailman! It was from my Auntie Bev in Chico, CA. She mentioned that she was sending me some buttons, but honey, these are more than buttons! They are beautiful pieces of art, they are scrumptious bits of candy, they are precious gems & priceless jewels. I LOVE THEM! They are vintage & wonderful & most of them are big & chunky!
Seriously, when I opened the package, & unhinged the clasp of the metal lunchbox that held the buttons, I gasped as I saw what was inside. As I recall, when I peeked inside the box I think I heard an angelic choir & saw a faint glow surround the buttons.
OK, I'm a little psycho when it comes to buttons. REALLY psycho. There are 474 buttons. Yep, I counted 'em. (And yes, I was one of those little kids that very frequently stacked & counted their coins over & over & over...)
But, I'm already envisioning the projects I'll create-- definitely more button rings!!
Oh, giddy, giddy me!


  1. Oh my gooooooodness!

    My fave colours are black and red! (hint hint!)

    Have fun!

  2. My right hand is feeling a little lonely... I think it needs a button ring :) You are so silly. Auntie Bev really hooked you up huh?


  3. how exciting!!! i wish i was you

  4. by the way you have been tagged! see my blog for details

  5. My Auntie Bev wasn't able to send her comments to my blog, but I wanted to post what she said: " of the best feelings is to share something with someone & to have them really appreciate it. So, your joy about the buttons is my joy. How wonderful our buttons are on the net!..."
    My cousin, Bree, remembers playing with these buttons as a kid!


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