Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Bummed...

I am sorta sad because the antique mall that I rent a very small space from & sell some of my handmade things at, is closing. Bizness has not been good for them. I did see it coming though. It's not like I made a ton-o-cash there. It started as a hobby 2 years ago & was a first step at pursuing my creative passion. It's funny because I started out selling mostly antiquey, collectible, vintage things, but eventually I started bringing in more handmade stuff. My ultimate plan was to turn that space into a totally funky, fun handmade corner. But, poo on that idea!
I've never, EVER done any of those "artsy" shows. I've ALWAYS wanted to. First of all, it feels a bit intimidating to me, for some reason. Secondly, part of the intimidation comes from the fact that I am nowhere NEAR having enough handmade stuff around. But, possibly having my space gone at the antique mall will give me more time to chase after my dream of "my first artsy show!" Wouldn't that be coolio?
I have learned so much from being at Depot Antiques Mall. And, I am learning even more after meeting my new boyfriend, Etsy. I now realize that those whacky crafters & artsy peeps on Etsy craft ALL THE TIME!
I'm so wanting to focus my attention now on doing nothing but crafting, crafting, CRAFTING! I want to build a stock-pile, have boxes overflowing with crafty goodness, craft 'til the cows come home. (Huh? What?)
My 2 little girls? They can dress themselves (kinda), they can make their own meals (not really), they can bathe & clean themselves (well, not sure 'bout that!). OK, I have to get my crazy crafting priorities straight.
I haven't quite figured out the blueprint for being a silly mom & a crazy crafter, at the same time...
But, each step I have taken in the past has brought me to new places I'd never thought I'd be. I'm excited to see where my handmade journey takes me. Goodbye Depot Antiques. You've been good to me...(OK, so they don't close until June 30th, but let me get all sappy anyway!)


  1. Speaking as a creativity-addicted mother of two young boys (7 and 4), I can tell you that it's a lot easier to follow your muse when you can share it with your kids. I let mine play with my scrap clay and that keeps them nearby and occupied while I make beads out of the good stuff :-)

  2. Yes, polka-dot, I'm finding it is easier as my kids create alongside me! I just need to pull myself away from the computer more now, & get to craftin' with the kidlets!!

  3. Hey girl, the sky is the limit for you! You are a really talented and fun gal! Bummer on the shop closeing...Maybe this is the push to get you into the "art shows" How easy to fill a space where folks come and visit... I actually am wanting to get into an antique mall 'cause that is a vision I have for Bella...Don't worry! You are a crafty special lady... I'll miss ya... craftin' with the kidos! I bet your little one's are as talented as their mommy!

  4. bellacolle, thanks for emailing me & clarifying your comment: "It's easy to fill a space where folks come & visit."
    I understand that you mean now...it can be very nerve-wracking to some to be in front of people with their art, & it might seem easier just to make stuff & "fill a space".
    (And you also mentioned that you don't mean to imply that it's "nothin'" to fill a shop.)
    Thanks bella!

  5. Yes, Thanks for clarifying my post! Sometimes my brain works faster than my fingers and I come across wrong...:P

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