Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh, What a Day!

I just had the most fun day today. (I'm also double blogging! Is that legal?) Who doesn't love a day where errands aren't a must, appointments are zilch & "have-to's" do not exist?
My family spent a bit of the afternoon today at the park having a picnic. My husband took the girls to build sand castles & I visited with the female clan of my family. Stretched out, laying on a blanket under the shade of tree. Sticky watermelon still on my face. It was so relaxing...

I was also able to "christen" the pinwheel cupcake picks as today was my sister's birthday. Everyone thought they were so cute!
Every Saturday I have a few hours to do WHATEVER I want & today I bought some flowers & pots with my mom, painted 'em in my favorite colors & potted some petunias. The blue mosaic pot is one I made a long time ago when I managed a little pottery painting studio in Arizona, in my pre-kidlet days. I haven't bought flowers in sooooo long. I put them in the steps of our duplex & the girls went giddy over them. My oldest daughter, 4 1/2, poses in this picture with our new treats!

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  1. AHHH... I'm jealous! I spent my day ripping off siding! love your flowers! Have a great weekend!


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