Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pinwheel, Pinwheel, Spinning Around...

I just learned how to make pinwheels.....miniature pinwheels! What a fun project! I've attached them to toothpicks for use as cake, cupcake or dessert decorations! And, they REALLY WORK!

They are 1 1/2" across & they're made from really pretty cardstock, vintage pearls & colored wire. Don't you think they're adorable???
I have been wanting to make cupcake decorations for a while. I think they are such a sweet addition to any party. AND, not only do they add to the party atmosphere, but the little party guests can take them home as a favor!! (They'll soon be available at WhiMSy love!)
And now, more on cupcake picks...When I first joined Etsy, I stumbled upon a blog called scrumdilly-do!, a fantastic blog for things to do, read & make with your kids!! The blogger/artist had made these absolutely adorable felt flower cupcake decorations that immediately made me smile!
And this morning as I was "tinkering" around blog-world, I found a blog called katydiddys, & she has an Etsy shop & sells these 'little girl paper doll cupcake picks'. You can visit katydid designs Etsy shop & purchase these cuties!

So, I think I just discovered something about myself. Not only do I love all things "cupcakey", but cupcake accessories as well!


  1. Lovely Whimsylove! never will look at cupcakes the same!

  2. What a surprise! I lurk around your blog all the time and today I see my Etsy shop & cupcake picks on it! You really made my day! Email your addy to me & I'll send you a set of cupcake picks of your very own. Thanks sweetie!

  3. Katdiddy! YOU are so sweet! I just emailed you & I'm gonna send you a set of my pinwheel picks too! Wheeeee! This is fun!!!

  4. One word: adorable.


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