Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Scratch-N-Sniff Gift Wrap!

I got the cutest wrapping paper at Target about....oh....2 months ago? I'm so in love with it! It's remained unused & set in a bucket amongst my vintage wallpaper rolls, & other special wrappings. It's too adorable to use! But, I talked myself into removing the plastic so I could show off my snifferific treasure!
It's scented like vanilla & is covered with the cutest cupcakes sprinkled with red, yellow & blue bits. It's made by Pamela Barsky for mjzoom.


  1. That is really cute paper! You must have a very big sweet tooth! two yummy posts in a row!!lol!!How have ya been girl?

  2. I know bella! I try to resist the ACTUAL cupcake by consuming myself with cupcake decor!!! I am totally into the cupcake, sweet, dessert thing!

  3. Now that is just ridiculously cute!!!!


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