Monday, May 28, 2007

A Sticky Story...

I have a funny story to tell that happened yesterday while my family was at the mall. My husband I frequently take our girls to the mall for balloons, pretzels & slushies. Yesterday, both girls were given a bit of pocket change to buy whatever they wanted. We walked into a Candy Shoppe (that should have been my first clue), & my 4 1/2 year old daughter sees plastic bottles of Hello Kitty fruit scented candy perfume filled with bright liquids. She was so excited! She wanted the perfume, so she chose Strawberry, & left Green Apple & Blue Raspberry on the shelf for some other clueless mom to buy for her little girl.
We purchased our goodies. Oh yeah, my 3 year old chose a tiny booklet of Hello Kitty stickers. We walked out of the store, found a bench & I proceeded to show my daughter how to apply her perfume. You know, it was a special moment. My little girl with her first bottle of perfume. So, Zoey sprayed it on her wrists. It came out kinda thick & glooby (2nd clue?). So, I took the bottle & sprayed it REALLY hard on her shirt. It sprayed a little better. Then, I sprayed it on MY wrists & started showing her how ladies rub their wrists together. Well, all-of-a-sudden my daughter started squealing about how her hands were sticky, the bottle was sticky, everything was sticky. And, yes, my wrists were quite tacky. Thankfully I hadn't sprayed my neck, or dabbed some behind my ears. I looked on the back of the bottle. The first ingredient was sugar (3rd & final revealing clue).
Well, I laughed & laughed & cleaned us up!
I guess it's liquid candy that you eat. Basically, sugar water. Nasty. If I would've known what it was I would have NEVER gotten it. So, now I'm on the lookout for little girl perfume that is non-edible. And next time I will never buy perfume from a candy store!!!


  1. Ohhh Mommy! what a bummer!
    You could "make" your little lady her very own perfume! Convo me!

  2. Oh bless her, how gross is that though.


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