Friday, June 1, 2007

Wackiness, As Promised...

So here it is...I was at the grocery store walking down the aisle surrounded by all the Chinese food goodies, & I spotted fortune cookies. (I LOVE fortune cookies by the way!) Then, my thought process went like this: "Oooh. The girls would love fortune cookies. I would love them! Should I get them? No, gotta stick to the grocery list. Where's the otter pops? Hey, I could make 'em out of paper. The otter pops? No, the fortune cookies! Wait, I could make papier mache fortune cookies! I better write that down!...."

So, here's a picture of my first attempt. I think they turned out really cute! I just made up dorky fortunes real quick. But I put my Etsy shop URL in tiny letters under the fortune. Great advertising huh? I'm thinkin' of selling them in packs of 10 for real cheap. And then they could be custom printed. (Even with YOUR store web address!!!)

Do you like my pink chopstick props? Oh, & in the background you can see a fortune cookie that I ripped open to see if it would work. I need to get the proper size for the itty-bitty "fortune" paper. I've got a bunch lying around here somewhere...

Oh, real quick, 2 funny fortune cookie stories: #1- I was eating Chinese food with my mom at a restaurant & her fortune said, "You like Chinese food." I died laughing! Isn't that the best?

#2- My family & I were eating out, again at a Chinese restaurant, & my dad opened his fortune cookie & he had a STACK of, like, 10 fortunes stuck together! SCORE!

I hope the hype with my wacky idea the past 24 hours has not led to wacky disappointment! If it has, here's a fortune for you: "If no wacky, life be so boring."


  1. you truly are so artistic, you make great items, i think they are sooo cute, great idea.

  2. love the idea! Your paper fortune cookies could be the new thing! But don't make them too pretty or no one will want to rip them open. I know I couldn't.
    We always add "in bed" to our fortunes. Makes for a good laugh.

  3. I do the "in bed" thing too! HA! It can be quite funny!!!

  4. Really cute idea! We seem to be on the same wavelength lately. I just did a watercolor of sushi today, then I come to your blog & see this. We have a complete meal-sushi & fortune cookies. Anyone else up for bringing the tea?

  5. Those are *adorable*, whimsy! :)


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