Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I made this neck wrap last night. Isn't that vintage polka dot fabric absolutely the best? I got it on my birthday road trip in April from a gypsy lady & her baby chihuahua. OK, I'm not sure if she was a gypsy, but she looked exactly how I picture one to look. She had wonderful stashes of hidden fabric at her yard sale. I was trying to talk to her about her puppy, but she didn't speak English. In fact, I bought a beat up wooden magazine holder with a fabric pouch from her & didn't see the fabric until my mom & I were leaving.

I've been wanting to make one of these microwaveable wraps for a while. After researching on the internet I decided that flax seed was the best filler as it retains heat the longest, with a bit of lavender mixed in. I LOVE lavender! I usually get my lavender from a great little place in town called Badger Canyon Herbs & Teas.

I made a muslin pouch to hold the seeds & a separate slipcover so it can be washed as needed. I tested out the neck wrap as soon as I was finished with it & I am LoViN' it! After "cooking" it for a minute, I put it on my neck, my back...I even slept with it on! I'm going to make one for my mom, grandma, sister--even my 4 year old wants one! The fabric slipcover in the picture is the one I made for my daughter. She picked out the fabric & everything.

Another thing about these neck wraps is you can throw them in the freezer for a nice cool wrap on a hot day!


  1. Oooohh, I've never tried one of those! Are you gonna make any for your shop? What an awesome idea!

  2. I hadn't thought about making them for the shop. I guess I could! The one for my daughter turned out totally cute! Both my girls were cuddled up with them tonight!

  3. Oh Nikki

    They are so cool, I may get you to make me one, I had one years ago when I had a car accident(split my spine) these were the only things that helped me. But can't seem to get them much anymore without paying the earth.
    Love the gypsy story as well

  4. Oh Kara, your accident sounds awful!
    OK, you two convinced me. I'm makin' some for the shop. I can't believe how awesome these little buggers are!

  5. Love lavendar-I have a huge bunch of it in my yard. I boiled it in water & made a compress for my daughter's eye when she had an infection-it was soothing to her & I swear it made her heal quicker. Before baby, my husband and I went to a really cool winery in Sonoma that also grew lavendar-it was so beautiful & smelled divine-the wine wasn't bad either!

  6. Love the fabric you used - what a lucky find!


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