Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Last night I had my once-a-month crafting session with some fellow crafty ladies, Kelly, Heather, Lisa, Candace, & Miyoung. It's actually a scrapbook get-together, but I don't scrapbook. I join them anyway & do other paper-y things. And this particular night I worked on my daughter's birthday invitations. I don't have a lot of supplies, just paper & a Fiskars cutter thingie. I was hoping to borrow from my resourceful bunch of friends.
I did have some dilemmas along the way...
DILEMMA #1: I had called Lisa, the queen of stamps (& scrapbooking), earlier in the day & left a message asking her to bring any puppy or dog themed stamps she had. I was hoping to arrive that night & see boxes full of doggie stamps to choose from. She wasn't even there! (I found out it was her birthday!) But she did send along the only puppy stamp she had. It ended up being PERFECT!
DILEMMA #2: Cute stamp! But no one had a stamp or ink pad! I used Heather's embossing liquid & powder, & a heat gun instead- my first experience with this! PERFECT!
DILEMMA #3: I was excited to use a large circle cutter that I see my friends using every week. BUT, no one brought theirs! The only cutter available was a sqaure/scalloped edge one. Thanks again, Heather. I loved it! PERFECT! (It was a funny night because everyone forgot to bring LOTS of stuff!)
DILEMMA #4: When printing out my invites, I totally left out an important piece of info--the actual DATE of the party! What a dingleberry I am! (Heather did point out, "That would be the perfect way to get people to RSVP!") So, I had to search within my crafty soul & figure out how to fix the boo-boo. I decided on typing the date on a tiny "sign" near the puppy stamp, with an idea from Kelly to embellish it with some cute little plastic bones I brought. PERFECT! I wanted to use one of those cheesy, but cool, office stamps with the date & month that you can rotate. Do you know what I'm talking about? There was not one to be found though. I need to get one. Just because.

I HAD to use my Dymo labelmaker SOMEWHERE on the card, so on the back I placed a label which reads "RUFF!" Heather hates those labelmakers because they are so cheesy. And that's EXACTLY why I LOVE them!
And after the invites are stuffed & sealed I'll used the leftover squares that were punched out of the front of the card to "seal" the envelope (thanks Miyoung for your input!) & finish it ALL off with a paw print sticker!
After the photo was taken, I did color the collar with a red pencil.
It is so fun to be around crafty gals & exchange ideas & opinions, (& crafty supplies), even bounce a thought off of someone else. (Because when I start to rattle on about my recent crafty projects to my husband, this expression settles over his face that is quite undescribable.)
A sweet project that could've been a total disaster, due to all the crafty walls I was crashing into, turned out PERFECT! It was a community project. And someone last night did mention...."It takes a village." It's a simple invitation & the most important thing is that my daughter LOVES them!
I hope the post office has dog stamps, because that would be even more PERFECT!


  1. Hello swap buddy! Your invitations look so cute, I love making invites to my kids' parties too. Can't wait to see pics from the actual event. Have fun!

  2. Cute! And no need to describe your husbands expression - I've seen it on my own husband's face many times :-)

  3. Oh wow sounds like you had a mad night, but wow it at least it all turned out so wonderfull, those are great invites, congrats.

  4. LOLOLOLOL I love these and I love the way they evolved. I always think my best projects are happy accidents!!!

  5. Those turned out so cute. I love the little sign in his mouth for the date, haha.
    I know that facial expression you're talking about on your husband. We have the same one in my house.

  6. Love the card! I know exactly what you are talking about re:the date stamp....I think I may have seen one at staples the other day.


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