Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Peaceful Dwelling...

I returned late this afternoon from an overnight trip to an orchard, Vista Hermosa, about 45 minutes from here. I stayed in a beautiful house surrounded by the homes & community of the migrant workers & their families. It was so peaceful. And quiet. And it was such fun to escape the tasks of mom & wife, even for just a short 24 hour excursion. What fun to giggle & stay up late. (Wait! I do that all that the time!) But, it is even more fun to do this when you are not giggling alone!

All 8 of us moms were able to accomplish a great deal of planning at our meeting to map out the coming year of MOPS (Mothers Of PreSchoolers). All of us, each with our own gift, able to bring to a group of moms a wonderful experience of friendship, accomplishment, encouragement, freedom, (oh yeah, & craftiness!), is a big task, but one that I look forward to every year!

At our "getaway" this weekend, we just had such fun hanging out & laughing & crafting & eating & totally loving the chance to pretend we were on a short vacation without sticky little kidlets tugging at our now dirty shirttails.

I love this experience of volunteering at MOPS because it has given me the chance to pursue my crafty passions. It is fun to think that this handmade part of my life matters, even if just a wee bit.


  1. Oh, you will never know what your talent and joy brings to others! ;)Continue the 'handmade' part of your life!
    Gosh, where was MOPS when I needed them?lol! what a neat group to be a part of. So glad you had an awesome retreat!

  2. such a great group and a night off, good for you Nikki, glad you enjoyed.


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