Friday, June 29, 2007

The Calm Before the Puppy Storm...

It's not really calm around here. I just thought that title would be funny!

I've gotten so many cute ideas for this puppy party I'm having for my daughter who's turning 3 tomorrow. One thing I worked on last night were 4 pairs of puppy ears made from felt, snap clippies & little bows. The guests will arrive to put these on & get their noses painted black! I had to test a pair out. Yep, I could hardly recognize myself--I look just like a puppy!

And the BIG project I'm working on is making a doghouse from a cardboard box. What have I gotten myself into? I'm trying to keep it a secret from the wee ones, but it's been a bit difficult keeping such a large box hidden. Those kidlets can sniff out secrets in lightning speed!

Actually, I like going all out for parties! I just wish I had more time, because the ideas are plenty, the minutes are few....And, with that said, I'm off to finish the party plans!
Oh yeah, & be prepared for puppy party overload tomorrow night when I post pics of the festivities!!


  1. You really know how to throw a party! I am so lame when it comes to that... Have a great time tomorrow!

  2. Woof woof! Tell little one I said Happy Birthday!!! What a cool mom you are. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. those ears need some scratching! i cannot wait to see the party photos!!



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