Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cute Idea!

I always save any cute, cool or awesomely ingenious ideas I find in mags or on the internet. I just found one a few days ago in a subscription I receive from Good Housekeeping. (I normally don't subscribe to this mag, but I bought about 20 boxes of frozen Chinese food one day & received a coupon for a free year's subscription. As I was munching on egg rolls I thought, "Why not?!")

All you need are fabric zippered pouches or change purses. No sewing required! The idea is to simply stuff them with smelly goodness such as lavender (did you know it was moth-repelling?), potpourri, or other favorite flower buds & you have an instant sachet!!! Think of all the cute thrifty zippers you can find at Goodwill, garage sales or the dollar store! In this photo, they piled a few high, wrapped it in cellophane, & gave it as a gift. I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Check out my favorite pouches at these Etsy shops...

Sparkle Girl has lots of zippered pouches! My fav is her ice cream one!

TAC Designs has lots of cute coin purses & zipper pouches in adorable prints--even a "Design Your Own Small Zipper Pouch"! But, Pampered Poodle coin purse & Wizard of OZ are my favorites from this shop!

Simbiosis by Julia Bravo has many cute pouches, (among them a candy/cupcake one!!).

The Pink Shower Curtain Boutique has only 2 pouches right now-"little bird" & "happy flower"- but they are cute & worth looking at! I'm fond of Little Bird.

Kung Fu Cowgirl has tons of pouches--& a 3 for $12.00 sale! My fav is Asian Fans.

Those are just a few shops. Feel free to peruse Etsy for your fav's!

But, if you're a talented sewer with mad magic zipper skills, you can sew one up yourself lickety-split! I've never sewn a zipper onto anything in my whole life. It may be time to try....

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  1. ah, your blog is so cute! thanks for writing about my little pouches :).
    kristin (from the pink shower curtain boutique).


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