Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goodbye WhiMSy...

There will be no "Yowza! It's the Sunday Featured Artist..." segment today. Instead I will take this time to say goodbye to WhiMSy. Not "WhiMSy love"! I'm talking about my little space I rented for 2 years at a local antique mall called "WhiMSy". It's closing on the 30th, but I cleared everything out today. Mom & pops helped me, & it took only 30 minutes to strip it bare!

I first stepped out to spread my crafty love to others by renting the most awesome little corner space amongst 40+ vendors in that building. I'm a little saddened, but not so sad like there's snot running down my face.

It's been a stepping stone for me to find Etsy & to be more confident as an artsy craft chik. And, who knows what is next! As I have said before: "I'm excited to see where my handmade adventure takes me!!

As I climbed the ladder to pull down the final piece of crafty goodness from the wall of my little booth, I said, "Goodbye WhiMSy. It's been fun..."

There is even a new Artsy place opening up really close to my house that sells used records & books & even artsy stuff. That's a possibility. I'll look into it.

Now, where do I put all this stuff? I think I'll have a garage sale in a few weeks...


  1. Oh the new place sounds coo Nikki, we don't have anywhere like that in the UK.
    Wow for being brave and you know your stuff is so cool.

  2. Ahhh Nikki,what do you need confidence for???? Your stuff is rockin. I hope you do the new place,although I wonder if the time of the craft mall is'nt coming to an end. I am thinking of trying flea markets when the sweet boy goes to school next year!!!

  3. There aren't any flea markets around here...I WISH! I think the thing to do is the artsy shows. I just don't have enough surplus of stuff yet. My goal is to do one next summer! There's an AMAZING one that happens near the river here. Tons of artist come from all over to be there.
    I haven't even checked out this artsy place yet. A friend checked for me & gave me a card. But, I've driven by several times. I'll check it out & see if I get a good WhiMSy love vibe!

  4. hugs... so the journey begins! ;)

  5. If you're looking for a place to send your stuff - my house is free =)


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