Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Monday!

Fridays are happy, shouldn't Mondays be happy too?
I wanted to show you this coolness of a project. These are belt buckles I got in a stashload of thrifted stuff--thanks granny! I had seen, a loooong time ago, Martha Stewart use square buckles as frames & so I thought I'd do the same with these roundish ones. I tried to find the link to Martha's buckle project, but couldn't find anything.

I just cut the picture I wanted to insert in the buckle & added 2 little round "bumps" on either end, kinda like a lemon shape. The bumps help hold the picture inside the "frame". You could fill the buckles with little pictures, pretty papers, a pressed flower affixed to paper, miniature artwork, a unique stamp, ANYTHING! Attach them to the wall with picture putty or adhesive foam dots. Or, just lay them on a coffee table or desk. Cool, huh?

Oh, I'm also finishing up my cupcake swap projects for my buddy that will go out on the 30th. (I'm trying to get it all done today & tomorrow as I have a party to plan for my 3 yr. old, which is happening this Saturday morning! AHHHH!) I'm sooooo wanting to post pictures of what I finished today. It is the ultimate in cupcake cuteness! But, I know my swap partner peruses my blog (**waves at jen**) & I don't want to spoil the surprise! But GOSH! I am itching to post my goodies that will be sent off soon! Don't worry, once I know the cupcake goodness has reached its destination, I will post pictures like crazy!


  1. Is that you in there? lol!!! funny girl :)
    Cute Idea, hey what about as gifts the kiddos could make for family and friends at Christmas or something?!
    Anyway, neato as usual!

  2. Those are cute! And I'm so glad you posted that link to your cupcake swap partner's site - her photos are so colorful, and I love those banners!

  3. Yes, that's me in there. Total weirdo, I know!! My girls & I are always makin' silly faces. The "I love you." in sign language is my 4 year olds hand. We did those as gift tags & attached to her 2 preschool teachers' gifts.

  4. Nikki
    These are so cute, you always have fab ideas, don't you just love Martha

  5. Really cute idea. You are just so full of ideas & it's great that you share the outcome with us. I'm working away on my cupcake swap too!

  6. *gasp* I love love love this idea!!! You clever girl!

  7. Those little frames are the cutest!! :D


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