Thursday, June 21, 2007

HaPpY SuMmEr!

Happy first day of summer everyone! The girls & I went to the store today & bought some summery fun stuff to celebrate. We got some pink-lined grass mats so the "divas of summer" can lay out in style! We also got bubbles, a squirting turtle that hooks up to the BRAND NEW! hose, & some mini golf props. It is so hot outside! Maybe dad will blow up the pool tonight & we'll have some fun pool-time tomorrow!

And, "What's this?" you ask? My almost--in 9 days--3 year old got into my makeup a few nights ago. There is purple glittery irridescent stuff ALL OVER my bag. I've been walking around makeup-less the past couple of days. I'm not enjoying that. Not that I'm a big makeup person, but a touch of this & that is much better than walking around looking like I just woke up from a nap all day.
My little toddler got makeup all over the walls, our bedsheets, herself. I wish I were there to get a picture, but for some reason the hubby doesn't think of pulling paparazzi moves during instances like that. Hm.

Well, the kidlets (& the Otter Pops) are calling me back outside! I gotta go!


  1. Oh oh! I call the green golf club and the bubbles! Hurray for summer!

  2. oh look at all those goodies, i love garden golf.
    Wow what a nice mess, although my makeup bag looked like that last month courtsey of a broken powder, bless the girlz though I bet they looked a treat.

  3. Oooh, I'm comin' to WA to hang out with you 3 divas this summer! :) :) Looks like lots of fun!! (little pool, turtle squirter, bubbles, straw mats, and Otter Pops too??? I'm THERE! :D

    Hurray for summer, indeed!

  4. I remember when my sister and I were little getting into my mom's make-up. She was not happy, but I'm sure she would laugh about it now if I brought it up. Interestingly enough, I don't remember her ever wearing much make-up after that.

    BTW, I love Whimsy Love. I stumbled upon it on Etsy tonight.


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