Monday, June 4, 2007

I am NOT bored...

OK, it may APPEAR that I'm bored. And, seriously, it's not like I have all the time in the world. I don't. There's much to be made, lots of creatin' needs to be happening! But sometimes I get in these moods where it's hard to push myself, so I have to do silly stuff instead.
I could have stacks & piles & mounds of stuff already made if I wasn't tinkering around Etsy & the forums & reading this or typing that. Or making awesome dork rings.

It's thundering outside. I have candles already lit in my studio. The power seems to be going out a lot lately- twice in the past week & a half. Once was because a squirrel was playing truth-or-dare by himself around the power lines behind my house & ZAP!---he should've chosen "truth".

I'm really getting hot from all the candles. I wish the power would go out already.

Oh, & if you didn't notice, "DORK" is a 9 point word. I think I've only played Scrabble once in my life. I have 2 boxes of the scrabble game. I love boardgame pieces. One of the Scrabble games I got at a thrift store for 2 bucks--& all the pieces were there! That's amazing. I'm always sketchy at those thrift store games.
Anyway, I better blow out my candles as I hear the thunder rolling farther away.
Hey, do you like my "tough chik" face? I tried.


  1. Wahoo!! I looove it!! You tough girl!lol!!! love the rings by the way...;P

  2. Talk about dorky huh? Someone in the etsy forums called it my "thug pose"!! HA HA!

  3. love the face very tough girl - LOL
    love the rings really cool, know what you mean I am procrastinating as well.
    Big word lol probably spelt wrong.

  4. DORK is actually one of my favorite words. haha
    Sounds like my story too, I spend so much time on the computer, doing laundry, cleaning house, I hardly have any time to sew. sigh Perhaps I need a good day planner. Good luck!

  5. Whimsy girl, you are one tough thug! ;) And the rings are awesome! :) Do I feel a matching pendant coming on?? :)

  6. Ick-- I hate how Blogger leaves it on there when you delete a post... I had to delete it, because I accidentally posted twice! Why, you ask??

    Because I'm a DORK, that's why!!! :D

  7. There reindeer, I removed the icky "deleted" double posting for you! Now people will read your comment & be like, "What is that reindeer chik talking about? She must be a dork!"


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