Monday, June 11, 2007

My Recent Favorite Find...

This is my newest favorite kitchen friend. (*Bad photo-sorry! I took the picture at night, with a flash because only 1 of 3 lightbulbs ever works in my kitchen. It's an old house. Goofy wiring stuff, ya know?*) I picked it up at a thrift store a couple months ago, painted it pink, & finally hung it earlier tonight. It came with all the proper springs & doo-hickey inside parts. I think it soooooo adorable! Ignore the wallpaper though. Nastiness. (I'm renting. It's ugly.)

And the best part is that it works with extreme awesomeness!! I'm serious! It tears the paper towels, wax paper, or foil RIGHT off---straight & clean! Where has this thing been all my life? Everyone should get one. It is the coolest thing in my kitchen right now. And the funny thing is, it doesn't match ANYTHING!! My pinkness is creeping into the kitchen though.


  1. Pink's my favorite! really, you have the neatest luck finding things! I bet your house is Sooo cute!

  2. My house is random & "in-between" styles. I still think it's cute, but I think that's because I see what it WILL be one day. I pick up stuff here & there at yard sales/thrift stores,etc. Or, I'll turn something I already have into something else. I'm always switching things from room to room. I like Shabby Chic, but I also like a little quirkiness & funk thrown in. I love makin' up my house. It's a slow goin' process, but it's fun!

  3. That is very cool. I want one. In red (My kitchen is all navy blue & white and I think the occasional red accessory really would make it pop!)

  4. I am totally in love dear friend, you ever want to give up, remember me. That is sooo me, its so cute, I love the Pink and it would look fab in my pink palace.


    P.s. don't worry about wallpaper from another sad renter with terrible paper lol

  5. I Love pink!!!! I'm in the process of painting my overyellow kitchen PINK!!! I totally love your thingy! Good thrifting eye!If you're ever in Ind. You should stop by my dad's junk shop,it's loaded!!!!
    Geri<--delurking again!!

  6. cute!
    I had one of those in an apartment I rented in college. I had no idea what it was for the longest time. Mine was not anywhere near as cute as yours though. It was rusted and busted.

  7. you have a fabulous blog! LOVE it!

    i love this pink thingamajiggy! it's so funny, b/c my boyfriend was just saying how we need to get one of these things (we just moved into our 1st apartment). i wonder what he would think if he came home and saw the pink one on our wall! ha

    Oh, and thanx for visiting my blog a little while back!

    Color.Me.Bella from Etsy


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