Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My "TO-DO" List Is Getting Smaller!

I got a lot done last night & this morning. (Well, a lot for ME!) I had to show off the skullie tee I made for my cousins baby that'll enter this world on the 29th. I love using little scraps I have from large undone, kinda raggedy quilts I buy. There are so many fabric options to choose from on the patchwork quilts I have. And, I used to cross-stitch a looooong time ago, but now I have a new use for all that embroidery thread that's been sitting around!

My grandmother, sis & newborn nephew are making a trip down to St. Helens, OR tomorrow & I'm sending along a goodie basket filled with Etsy goodness. It includes: a monkey doll named "Homer" that I made a trade for from Tiddlywinks, an awesome burpcloth I won as a Saturday Night Special "secret" at Etsy from Rowley Baby, my skullie tee, a handmade card & tag by moi, some cute duckie tissues, & I even included a handmade little purse I made from a sweater sleeve & a pinwheel gift tag for the new big sister filled with dollar store treats!

I also finished my little daughters puppy tees for her & her party guests this Saturday. The birthday girl gets the white one. She's not so girly-girl, so I made hers with a non-floral print.

And for my big finale....Look at this adorable apron!! It's a thrifted apron that I embellished with a cupcake. Everything is vintage, including the buttons--except for the striped brown, yellow & cream fabric on the cupcake. Isn't it cute? I LOVE it! It's a nice longer apron--comes to the middle of my knees & it has a nice ruffly wave at the bottom. It's so bright & cheery with all those crazy colors!!
There are some tiny spots of dark "something-or-other" on the bottom of the apron. I didn't even notice it until I was finishing it last night. I'm still planning on listing it in the shop, hopefully later today when the kidlets enter their bedrooms for (mommy's much anticipated) "quiet time"!


  1. Oh, ain't it great when that list goes down!!!
    everything looks great! The little baby has some neat treasures coming.
    Hope littlest daughter has a GREAT birthday... gosh wish I could come, I'd love a puppy shirt! ;P

  2. I realized after writing the title of this post that I will ALWAYS have a superly-duperly long TO-DO list. I should've re-written it as my TO-DO list for THIS week is getting smaller! Ha!

  3. Aw, that is some seriously cute stuff. And that onesie makes me wish I had a baby to appliqué things for!

  4. Very cute stuff! I really love your revamped apron! Your blog is a lot of fun and I'll check back sometime!

  5. Nikki

    I love it all, the skull tee is sooo cute very rock n roll, love the basket what a great idea, you could do those for etsy.

    Love the puppy tee's hope party goes well, and well you know I love cupcakes

  6. Cupcake aprons. Oh no! Where's my wallet?

  7. Wow! I love it all. That basket is going to make the new mom very happy. I'm working on the same thing for my cousin right now.

    Love the apron too, the gingham on the bottom is so cute. Sweet little cupcake. Adorable.

  8. Thanks everyone! I think "revamping" aprons is my new thing!! I've already started stalking the local thrift stores & buying 'em all up!!!

  9. That skully tee is so cute! I love that it's in gingham, such a sweet fabric for such a tough design.


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