Saturday, June 2, 2007


I came back this early afternoon from my fun-o-rific morning of garage/rummage/yard sales! I think I got some cool stuff...

- 15 old (some vintage) Hot Wheels cars (for a project I'm working on for my brother & parent's mechanic shop)
- a funky checkered rug for my art studio
- an old wood desk that my 4 1/2 year old daughter now calls HER "art studio"
- a round potato masher (weird, I know, but I've been looking for one forever for a cute project I've seen)
- box of 100 mini envelopes
- a 1960's puzzle of Chinatown in some unknown city
- 4 old wooden hangers
- a large piece of vintage baby fabric with little squirrels, dogs, cats & bears on it
- 2 1960's sewing patterns
- a 1963 Peter Pan book
- 3 other vintage books
- a vintage red, white & blue summer dress (hope it fits! If not, the fabric is cool for some project down the road)
- 12 old knives
- 32 old spoons
- 19 old forks
- crazy mannequin head
All for 20 dollars!!

And I have another funny story to add to my garage sale stories...The first sale my ma & I hit we loaded up on a few small items & went to pay. We were waiting to pay & there were 2 ladies helping to collect the money. One was a lady in her early 50's & the other was in her late 70's. The younger one asked my mom, "Do you remember me?" My ma & her got to talkin' so I tallied my stuff, which came to $1.95. The old lady was collecting my money & she said, "Let's just make it an even 2 dollars!" I thought that was funny!
And the lady that recognized my mom used to call our house & breathe real heavy into the phone! (The calls were traced to her house & it was bit of a weird situation, so I'm told.)
Isn't that just bizarre?

OK, back to the mannequin head...Isn't she scary? But, she was my favorite treasure today! She was a dollar & I got her at a yard sale held on a farm. She was sitting on top of an old rustic cupboard thingie filled with old dishes & things. I think she needs a name. She will be living in my art studio as funky decor. I may use her as a prop in some photos for my Etsy shop. So, I will hold a contest to name her! She needs an identity. Whoever comes up with the name that I like best will win a fabulous prize package from moi! I will fill it with all things "WhiMSy love"-ish. I will hold the contest from today until Friday, June 15th. Just enter your chosen name in the comments section! Ooooh, this is gonna be fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

I'm off to the river now for a bit of relaxation & craftiness!


  1. i think she looks like a


  2. Sarah-Rose McKenzie, surely. ;)

  3. Oh, I am Timeless on Etsy. ;)

  4. Dolores Deadson

  5. From LolaLynn:

    "Bad Haircut Barbie"

  6. Tanya (as in Tucker) I've seen her in person and I swear that's her twin.

  7. I think she looks like Susie Beea Lifeless

    and I love your blog I am missMia on etsy!

  8. Miss Roxi Valentine

  9. I think her name should be Grimace Girlie and my etsy username is Hurdler4eva (I'm not a seller, merely a buyer!)

  10. She looks like a Madge to me.

  11. oh girl, Shaniquoi is in the house!!! "snap-snap"

  12. I believe her name should be

  13. hmmm what about Lulabelle Felice Cutorie

    BTW: Yours is one of my ca'nt live without blogs


  14. OMG what a bizarre garage sale story (re: the heavy breather!)

    I'm not going to get fancy. I think she's a Pamela. That's it. Pamela.

    : )


  15. She's Geraldine, but likes to be called Gerry for short. --Lisa

  16. Shirley, doll face. It's Shirley :)

  17. Oh my gosh everyone!! Thanks for your entries! I am having a totally good laugh here! Keep 'em comin'!

  18. Or actually, her expression (and eye shadow) is very Tammy-Faye (Baker)!! :D

  19. Lenore. She's scary enough to be a Lenore. :)

  20. Gidget Stone - reminds me a cross of Gidget (from the series) and sharon stone the mornin after.
    I am not good with names.


  21. Are you my evil twin? Or am I yours? If you check out my Flickr site, you'll see that I have an obsession with mannequins & hairdresser heads.

  22. I think that LOLA is perfect for her...simple but fitting


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