Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nest Rings

I actually decided yesterday to put my "DORK" ring set up for sale in my Etsy shop, WhiMSy love! Why not? And do you know what? I watched the "views" go up faster in the first few hours than any other item in my shop ever has! You just never know...

Also, a couple nights ago, I finished a batch of vintage button rings. I have these really cool textured tan buttons that my daughter says look like nests. They really do! I've been dying to create a little nest ring from it, so I added 3 small vintage, champagne colored, pearls inside & they turned out so tweet--I mean SWEET! I sold one yesterday!! That was FAST!! I have the supplies to make 2 or 3 more. So head on over to the 'ole shoppe' soon & get yer own! They reminded me of some nest rings I've seen around Etsy. Have a looksie...

Harmony Metals created this sterling silver watercast ring with two freshwater pearls called "Twins in a Nest".

Here's Lil Fish Studios really cool nest ring made from bits of felted sweater, glass beads & a leather band. (This Etsy shop also has some really fun nest pins too!)

Midas Studio has an amazing nest ring which features a beautiful genuine round pearl nestled in sterling on a distressed band.

Angie Designs created a nest ring from glass beads, yarn & metal jewelry wire.

And lastly, but NOT leastly, is Starry Designs very popular sterling silver wire wrapped ring which comes with either Swarovski crystal glass pearls or Amazonite as the eggs.


  1. I really love those rings! what a neat idea, I'm thinking Mother's day!

  2. I just got my vintage button nest ring and I LOVE IT!!! It is the perfect marriage of my favorite things and it is so very "me!" Keep up the good work - your shop is great!

  3. I am THRILLED that you love your ring Jerusalem! Thank you for your kind comments!!


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