Sunday, June 3, 2007

Paper Fortune Cookies Are in The Hou-oose!

I just posted my first real batch of paper fortune cookies that I made today! They are a prototype & they turned out really cute! I plan on selling them in sets of 10 for $8.80. The prototype is for sale at $6. I'm going to sell the sets with 2 coordinating papers--5 of one pattern/5 of another pattern. And, you'll be able to "upgrade" & pay a wee bit more for a cute coordinating ribbon tied around each.

The cookies I just posted in the shop are pink in theme, right down to the sayings inside! (Every one has the word "PINK" in the quote!) I had so much fun searching for particular quotes. ALL 10 "fortunes", (which aren't really fortunes, but really silly sayings from me, literary phrases, or quotes from more famous peoples), are different in each package.

I'll soon have a list of themes to choose from, OR you can request custom quotes, your own store URL, an event date, etc. No naughty stuff though!

I think they would be soooo much fun for party favors, bridal & baby shower favors, wedding favors, wheeeeee! I could go on & on & I will....a luncheon with girlfriends, a tea, a simple gift for your friends at dinner, pop them in your customer's packages with a "thank you!" printed inside!....
Simply rip them open to reveal a lovely, or silly or sappy phrase inside. (Depending on what you want!)

OK, enough of that infomercial!!


  1. I agree - those would be lots of party fun! Great idea! : )

  2. Those are really cute. That's a great idea for party favors. I love that they all have the word pink too, haha. Cute

  3. How cute girl! what an original idea for say a bridal or baby shower...hmmm love it!

  4. Nikki! You are insanely creative! What a clever girl, but you know, who's surprised? And I love the 'No naughty stuff' part! Miss you!


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