Monday, June 18, 2007

Puppy Power!

I've been working on these t-shirts for my (almost 3 year old) daughter's upcoming birthday party. These will be given as party favors. (Notice there are only 4! Too many kidlets & I'd have to scrap my sweet tee idea! Not enough time, ya know?) The pink t-shirt is the only finished one. They'll all have mismatched black vintage buttons for eyes. And all are made using vintage fabrics (except the white puppy on the pink tee).
I keep thinking of putting some fun kidlet tees in the shop.Ooh! Maybe cupcake ones too! OK, I'm gettin' excited now!!!
Speaking of the shop, it's been lacking in product addition lately. I seem to have so many things happening recently that I haven't had time to finish the handful of creative concoctions I'm in the midst of completing. Believe me, I'm DYING to add new items. Look for neck wraps, new button rings & other WhiMSy love goodies coming soon!


  1. Bow Wow Wow! what an original idea! Most definatly list some in your shop! Happy Pazely!

  2. Those are adorable!!! I echo the 'definitely!' for your shop--and what an awesome party favor! Can I be 3 again?? :P

    (And can I have an eighteenth of your ambition?!? I don't even have kids, and you do 20 times more!! ;)

  3. I just showed a friend of mine these tee-shirts & she said, "I wish my kids could come to YOUR kids' parties!"

    As far as ambition, reindeergirl, I feel like I barely squeak out what I can. I only wish I could focus the ambition on the the ole Etsy shoppe!

  4. They are so great, you are such a cool mom.

  5. Hey,
    It was very nice idea. Your daughter will definitely love them........they are awesome.

  6. Those tees are adorable!! Definitely something I would love to get as a party favor. I mean, it trumps candy and stickers! I bet your daughter will have a great birthday party =)

  7. Those are so cute! I wish I had a little girl to make things like that for... My boys are getting harder to do "cute" for as they get bigger!

  8. Really cute! Love the t-shirt idea-I'm not a sewer though.

  9. love these,love these,love these!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ohmygoodness, how stinkin' cute!! I want them!!


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