Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sweet Scents!

Not only am I a recent addict to cupcakes, but a long-time lover of sweet & yummy scents! These are some of my favorites--some new, some been around a while. First off, the Glade French Vanilla room deodorizer. We're always getting "bathroom" sprays & I just pick up something different & cheap when we run out. This is the latest. I love it! It think it's less than $1.50.

OK, next. Demeter Fragrance Library Home Atmosphere Spray in Waffle Cone scent. Oh. My. Gosh. This stuff smells just like you walked into a waffle cone store. (Do they even have those? You know what I mean.) It is so yummy. Check out the Demeter Fragrance web site & browse their long list of frangrances! Among the many scents are Laundromat, Dirt, Salt Air, Playdoh, Orange Cremecicle, Bubblegum, Caramel, & Earl Grey Tea. I'm thinking I might have to purchase their Vanilla Cake Batter, Sugar Cookie, Birthday Cake or Angel Food scent! The cost for the 4 oz "atmosphere spray" is $14.00 They also have men & women body lotions, fragrances, candles, shower gels & body sprays. If you get the chance to actually smell all of them, it is soooo much fun! I happened to get mine at a shop closing downtown last year for a reduced price. I stood & sprayed every tester they had -& giggled with my mom!

And my last new favorite sweet scent is a body cream that I actually won as a prize at a bridal shower. It's "bodycology" brand vanilla buttercream scented body cream. It totally smells like frosting & it actually looks like frosting when you squirt it out of the tube. I sometimes pretend I'm decorating a cupcake when I squirt it into my hand! (You laugh now, but just wait! You'll pretend its a frosting filled pastry bag too!) This 2 oz. tube cost me less than 2 bucks when I picked up an extra one last night at (hold your breath)--Walmart. They also have body scrubs, lotions & sprays. But, I've only tried this body cream. Every time I put some on, it makes me happy & my daughter also says, "It smells like frostin' in here!"

So there. Nothing crafty to show tonight. But I'm working like a mad woman making a baby skullie tee for my cousins baby, getting the puppy tees finished for my daughters b-day, getting all the party plans organized & finalized, embellishing some FABULOUS thrifted aprons for the shop (I'll show ya tomorrow!!), making some new cupcake bottle cap pendants for the shop, & getting my cupcake swap stuff all put together.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. wow Nikki you sound super busy, all those sents have made me hungry reading about them, they sound gorgeous though, I have about 50 scented candles round my house, so you walk from room to room with a differing smell, my fav is cinnimon (can't spell)

  2. I just finished up 2 swaps! Keeps me out of trouble. I'm going to have to check-out those scents. You know there are studies out there about the smell of pumpkin pie or baking or something & it's "love" powers over men. Hmmmmm.

  3. I have heard that cinnamon rolls are an aphrodisiac...


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