Thursday, June 14, 2007

A WhiMSy love Makeover!

I got a new banner for my Etsy shop today!! I thought it'd be fun to change it up a bit! My old banner (which is still the banner for my blog for the time being--this will soon change!) was made from a scanned piece of vintage fabric I like. You can totally see the creases from age in the fabric & everything! (Scanner-ific! Bleck!)

Strawberry Anarchy over at Etsy made it for me. She ROCKED at working with me! Please visit her, buy stuff & let her know I sent ya! (Another cool thing about her: she's from Scotland!!! My dream vacation one day with the hubby....)


  1. Girl, the new banner is
    sah-nazz-eh!! :)

  2. hey thanks for giving me a menchy! glad you like the banner and stay in touch! ;)

  3. Nice Banner! Question? Do you sew everyday?

  4. No, I don't sew everyday geri. Does it seem like it? I actually am a very novice sewer. I love doing it, but don't make anything fancy. I'm starting to get into it more & more. All these fabulous Etsy sewing artists are extremely inspiring.

  5. Oh, it's sooo lovely! So Fab- o-lish-iss... lol!!! (reindeergirl stole my don't hate me, but I like it better than your old one. The old is nice, just like my old one, I wont delete it.This new Whimsylove is fresh!

  6. Thanks guys! I'm trying to get the new banner to replace the old one in my blog here, but am having a bit-o-trouble....

  7. oh Hey girl love the new banner so hip and retro.


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