Sunday, June 10, 2007

YOWZA! It's the Sunday Featured Artist...Katydid Designs!

Katydid Designs is really a nifty disguise for Laura Bray, an artist & crafter, residing in California. I met Laura through blog-world. Her paper doll girl cupcake picks caught my attention, as mentioned in a previous post. We had a secret cupcake pick exchange & from there, our crazy cupcake bond has begun. (Next we'll be exchanging altered books & collaging in each other's pages!! I'm so excited! Maybe I'll give you a peek in upcoming blog entries...)

In November 2006, Laura shifted from the world of Human Resources consulting to a more handmade atmosphere. Her Etsy shop, Katydid Designs, opened on May 7, 2007. With creative ideas unleashing, her shop is filling with unique goodies & sweet treats! A peek inside her store reveals original paintings, collage artwork, watercolor &/or mixed media notecards, custom paper dolls, cupcake picks & gift tags. My favorite piece of hers (besides the cupcake picks) is decorated with--guess what--? A cupcake! Laura's Literary Cupcake Notecards come in a set of 6--for six bucks! A portion of the profits are donated to the Friends of READ Orange County, an organization that supports the adult literacy program of the Orange County, California Library. The blank notecards are printed with original watercolor/mixed media artwork by Laura. They really are frame-able pieces. They are THAT special. I know, cuz I've received one in the mail! And yes, I did a cute little cupcake dance when I opened it. (She even painted the bubble manila envelope with the cutest little blue birdie! MAN, do I feel special!!!)

Laura is also a teacher of general arts & crafts classes. She has a website, where she not only sells her artwork, but also business tools to help artists and crafters make a living doing what they love.

Her blog, katydiddys, is also a friendly read. Check it out by clicking HERE.
Laura's motto? "If it stands still, it can be embellished." And she does mention in her Etsy profile that her husband, baby daughter & dog are constantly active!
Here's a bit of Q & A with this awesome craftin' gal!

Where were you born, where are you from, where did you grow up, & where are you living now?
Born in Cleveland OH and lived there until I was 12. Then (thankfully!) my parents moved us all to Southern California. I live in "the OC" now.

What inspires you?
Vintage, retro, sparkles & sweets.

How long have you been crafting?
I was really crafty as a child, but had a bad art teacher who blew-up all my dreams of a career as a fashion designer. I spent most of my adult life in business-HR & finance, then had a surprise pregnancy and decided to be more authentic about my life & rediscovered crafting & art. I've been doing the crafty thing for about a year now. I'm sorry I spent so much of my life denying myself of my creativity.

What’s your favorite color?
Pink, Robin's Egg Blue

What one thing did you believe as a child, that as an adult you now realize was silly?
I believed that *$%#% art teacher!

How much time do you spend on your craft?
I try to work at least 1-2 hours a day, but I do have a 2 year old, so that's not always possible!

What were some of your most recent purchases from other Etsy artists?
I just bought some cool vintage wallpaper for a craft project I'm working on from Unfinished Business & some cupcake earrings from Stuck on You. Those are for a cupcake swap I'm in.

What are your goals or dreams in regards to your art?
I'm hoping to get some of my original watercolor paintings licensed. I'd love to walk into Hallmark & see my work on a greeting card!

If you could be a cupcake, what flavor would you be?
Probably lemon poundcake because I'm a little zingy. And I would definately have sprinkles on top-I love to accessorize

So, bring your sweet self on over to Katydid Designs & support this sweet artist with a sweet tooth for the sweet things in life! You'll get no cavities! I promise. ( I've been told she may accept some form of cupcake bribery as payment.)

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  1. thanks for featuring me! I'm so glad we met! Cupcake sisters forever!


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