Sunday, June 3, 2007

YOWZA! It's the Sunday Featured Artist.....ME??!!

OK, I am a dweeb. I had an artist in mind to interview, but sent the questions too late & it's all my fault. Sorry folks! I do have great artists lined up to interview in the coming weeks.
But, as a subsitute, I'll interview......myself! Tacky, I know. I thought it was better than nothin', but maybe not? So here goes:

Where were you born, where are you from, where did you grow up, & where are you living now?
I was born in Renton, Washington. I was adopted as a baby & grew up in different parts of the U.S.: Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, & different parts of Washington-namely, Anacortes & Richland. As of now I reside in Richland, WA just a couple minutes from a lovely river & I love the small town feel here. (Although, my hubby & I have a dream to someday live in a big city, in a "flat" or studio apartment, when our kids are grown & on their own!)

What inspires you?
All sorts of things. Anything. Mostly just seeing things in silly ways, childish ways. My kids are great motivators for helping me keep a different view at life. Also, being surrounded by other artists at Etsy just gets me in that creative frame of mind.

How long have you been crafting?
Since I was a little, but I don't remember an exact age. I was always in love with fancy pens & papers & little cute artist-y things. And I always gave handmade gifts. My mom taught me to cross-stitch at about 11....I made skateboard stickers & had my brother walk around our apartment complex & sell them at 13...I remember making little boxes from posterboard covered in glue, fabric, & ribbons at 14....I got into stamp collecting & now use stamps in a lot of my crafting. (Soon to come to Etsy!) Gosh, I decoupaged, did paper mache, played with polymer clay....Those are jus a few examples. I was into everything! I loved trying all sorts of crafts. I couldn't stick to just one thing, & I still can't! Sometimes I think that one day I'll be forced to pick just one thing. I don't know if I could.

What is your favorite medium to work with?
I love pretty papers! And fabric! And buttons! Those, right now, are my favorite things. Oh yeah, & I really am getting into the whole "photography" thing. Just a bit. The picture up top is one I took from my birthday road trip in April.
Share about, or describe your favorite piece.
Gosh, they're all so wonderful, how can I pick just one? I'm TOTALLY joking! I would say my vintage button rings. The green & yellow button ring I call "Tiny Bubbles" is really fun! I've loved old buttons for a long time & use them in a lot of my crafty pieces. The rings are a fun accessory & make me smile! I where a giant light blue & white one around to attract potential customers! (You can see it in the last picture of the vintage button rings listings.)

What do you do when you're not bein' all crafty?
I love being silly with my girls, & thrifting, going to yard sales, blogging, & reading creative magazines & books.

What are some of your favorite things?
A few things I love.... the color pink, cupcakes & the 1940's & anything vintage, old toys, avocados, Etsy, peanut butter, Jesus, ice cream, my family, polka dots, sidewalk chalk, laughter.

What one thing did you believe as a child, that as an adult you now realize was silly?
Well, one time I remember searching in the desert beside our house looking for 'smurfs' with a friend. We never found any....

How much time do you spend on your craft?
I opened "WhiMSy love" Feb 28, 2007, but didn't start filling the shop with goodies until the last day of March! Now, I craft whenever I can! I craft when my kids are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I create when they're in their bedroom for naptime or "quiet" time. I make stuff when they're poopin' on the toilet. I love to sit outside on beautiful days & watch them play while I get all crafty. And, at night is finally...mommy time. I stay up late crafting & blogging & checking out Etsy-ville.

What were some of your most recent purchases from other Etsy artists?
Oh, I just bought a gift certificate from Epicurious Market for one of her cupcake wax melts to give to a cupcake swap buddy.
I found a sweet little vintage daisy charm from lovely bits.
And, I bought a postcard of an old truck from bella arte by bella jean to frame & give to my dad.

Use three words to describe yourself.
Silly, friendly, creative.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given on pursuing your craftiness?
Well, I can't think of any particular person who's given me advice. I mean, my parents & family are always saying nice things. I think I just keep telling myself to "Go for it! What have you got to lose?" And, I really feel like I'm becoming who I was meant to be as I'm discovering more of my artsy insides. I the neatest thing being surrounded by people that are just like me--with creative spirits & crafty passions.

What are your goals or dreams in regards to your art?
I would love to be able to help "bring home the bacon". I would love Etsy to be successful, & who knows where it could go from there. Someday I thought it would be fun to volunteer at helping kids do artsy craftsy stuff. Get all messy & creative, ya know?

What else would you like people to know about you?
I love to laugh & be silly & have fun. I love creating stuff SOOOOO much. I love all the great people I've met through Etsy & my blog & I can't wait to see where my handmade adventure takes me!!


  1. Sorry I didn't get back to you in time! I just sent the questions back! It's my hubby's birthday & I was baking & wrapping gifts & making sure he has a good day! I feel so honored that I was asked & hope you'll feature me soon. The good news is that we all learned more about your sweet self!

  2. Thanks katydiddy! No problemo girl! It was my fault. Happy birthday to hubby! I will feature you next week!
    And, I'm hoping my "self-interview" will not lead to the demise of WhiMSy love...

  3. Interviewing yourself? How tacky! I'm unsubscribing. (hee hee, j/k!)

    I'm jealous that you can take your crafting outside while the kids are playing. I wish my craft was more portable. I usually just take my laptop out there when my kids are playing. The sun glare on the screen is kind of a bummer, though.

  4. polka dot, I just toss all my crafty bits in a box & craft away while I hope the breeze doesn't blow my stuff away! The neighborhood kids have recently joined me when they see me out sometimes & I have an extra box of creative stuff for them to play around with.

  5. Your self interview rocks! What a way to roll with it! :P
    Your picture is cool!! is it in your shop? might be interested...;P
    How nice you think about the neighbor kids...


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