Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Better Late Than Never...

I was hoping to get on here yesterday & wish my little brother birthday greetings, but between all the errands & my computer's frequent tempers, it didn't happen. So, "Happy 30th Birthday Andrew!"
For his birthday I drew him a slice of cheesecake & brought a real cheesecake over for his birthday dinner with family last night. Cheesecake is his favorite (as is mine!), though he prefers it without the cherry topping. I thought it looked prettier with, so I opted for the colorful fruit in the drawing! He really liked it. I worked on it all day & it might be a lame gift that screams: "I'm broke.", but there truly are heartfelt intentions behind my gift.


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you had a fab day.
    Nikki wow ok you are getting better and better at drawing is this a talent you have been hiding. Love it you capture the reality soooo well.

  2. I love your art! It's beautiful and so tempting!

  3. I am completey gushing that someone "loves" my art!! That is so weird.
    I was just telling a blog buddy (a.k.a. "doll") that I wonder if drawing was always in me, or if it just now came out because it needed time to marinate in my little crafty soul. I don't know. I mean, I've always been good at Pictionary. I guess I just never sat down to play around with drawing & I feel like it is the coolest thing that is happening to me! I'm having so much fun pretending like I know what I am doing! HAHA!
    And thanks everyone for your encouragement in my drawings. You are all the first to see my daily unveilings of colored pencil drawings.

  4. Very yummy! Oh my goodness you really have a talent for drawing. Happy Birthday Andrew! Your sister rocks! and it isn't a lame gift...its a Whimsylove illustration it's gonna be worth a fortune one day.

  5. Keep up the good work!

    (I'm loving your "sweet" theme!)

    : )

  6. Doll here. I didn't get an email from you girlfriend. Resend it. I want to hear your drawing story, k? Now I'm worried that I haven't been getting mail. Cheesecake is all my all time favorite!


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