Monday, July 23, 2007

The Crafty Posse...

The Crafty Posse was in full effect tonight! I TOTALLY (I luv that word, by the way!) had so much fun having crafty guests over at my house! They came with their pretty papers & ribbons & double sided tape adhesive, paper cutters & giant fancy tools that looked like they could perform dental work. (Seriously Jen, that thing was scary! DARN! I shoulda got a picture of it! But, it DID have a pink handle, so maybe it's OK after all.) I gave my crafty ones the super secret recipe on how to make my notecard set in a box. That picture up top is how mine turned out. I love the fun mix of the tiny polka dot box & the striped envelopes. I'm going to add a few other schnazzy details & put it in the shop tomorrow.

AND, the swim lessons today turned out GREAT! Zoey ended up loving it! I don't think she'll learn how to swim, necessarily, after the 2 week class is done, (because it is the BASICS of the basic class!) but she will have certainly overcome her fear of the water. I sat alone & in silence in the shade of a tiny tent with all the other swim moms watching their kidlets splish & splash. I felt very awkward not knowing anyone. I've decided to tote the 3 year old along to the swim classes. She & I can share a snack & some shade & at least I'll have someone to talk to!! (Even if her favorite words are "BUTT!" & "POO-POO!") Hmmm...that actually might make for an interesting half hour....


  1. I have trouble fitting in with the moms here too. Have you watched the Real Housewives of the OC? Those are my neighbors! I got great advice from a movie. Sit there & pretend you are anthropologist studying a new tribe of people.

  2. sounds like your craft party went great. See my post about swim lessons, I know what its like. It's a bit racy but the sentiment is there


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