Monday, July 2, 2007

Cupcake Goodness!!

I have been swimming in cupcake goodness this afternoon!! First of all, while I was finishing my new blue cupcake apron for the shop, my mailman brought me my cupcake swap package! YIPPEEEEE!

It got here so fast! I feel bad because the package to Jen didn't go out until today. (Don't worry Jen, it's heading your way!!) I gasped as I opened my package. I kept saying, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" I haven't had this much fun in a long time!! Just look at what I got! A really cute cupcake gift bag, the most adorable notepad with a glittery giant cupcake on the front... a "sweet" Jen Bowles handmade hanging cupcake pennant that will find the perfect spot in my home... ...& a Jen Bowles hand painted wooden goody box that says "Let's make cupcakes!", FILLED with every possible cupcake accessory: the sweetest little sugared daisy candies, pastel doilies, confetti, candles, a cupcake cookie cutter, cupcake liners, sweet colored sprinkles, patriotic sprinkles, 2 pastry bag tips for frosting, pinwheel picks & lots of other cupcake picks-even blank white flags that I get to decorate myself!!!

This was my first swap & I had so much fun! Thanks Jen! I must join another swap ASAP!! I'm addicted!

I'm anxious to show you the stuff I sent to Jen, so stay tuned in a couple of days!
**Please leave a comment on Sunday's YOWZA! post wishing my featured artist a "Happy 33rd Birthday!" The 33rd comment gets prizes from WhiMSy love & Reindeer Girl Designs!


  1. Ok, that's too funny - I am pretty sure I saw that exact cupcake box on flickr today, and I nearly emailed you the link because I thought you'd think it was cute - I had no idea it was actually *for* you, LOL!

  2. All your goodies look scrumptious! I have a surprise... I'm gonna make a cupcake princess piece!! Swaps seem like a neat thing to meet folks and see some goodies! I'm gonna have to join one. :)

  3. That is funny polka dot!!
    Ooohh bella! I can't wait to see your cupcake princess piece! I'm telling you girl, cupcakes are the way to go! :-)

  4. WOW!!!! That is some major
    cupcake-age you got! :) The baking goodies kit is really special-- have FUN with that!! (And can you mail me a yellow one?? :P You know, for my birthday?? :)

  5. I received my cupcake swap too-I'll post about it in my blog later...Your stuff is pretty cool-love the kit! The apron is great-you should advertise it as a craft apron-all those pockets would be great to put tools in! Kind of like a cupcake tool belt!

  6. I did sorta mention about it being a craft apron, but I'm gonna steal your "cupcake tool belt" phrase!!

  7. Nikki--I'm so glad you like everything! I can't believe you got it already. I had lots of fun putting it together, especially the stuff in the cupcake box. This is only my 2nd swap and I have to agree--addictive and a fun way to meet people : D
    I can't wait to get home from vacation to see my package!
    Enjoy Partner!!

  8. Speaking of cupcakes... (just in case you hadn't seen this)

  9. Wow - you got some serious cupcake goodness!!! Congrats! Looks like your partner is very creative and generous : )

    Cupcake love!

  10. I soooo love cupcakes, I wish there was a cupcake swap every month.
    Love the goodies

  11. Yes, polka dot--I had a heard a little something about the Etsy "cupcake" themed afternoon filled with cupcake inspired arts & crafts on July 7th! I'm soooo jealous!! I wish I could be there...


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