Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cupcakes From a Wee Point of View...

Ok, proud mommy moment here. My 4-year old painted her FIRST CUPCAKE PICTURE!! Forget the first locket of hair! First step?-Who cares? We're talkin' cupcake art here people! I want a wall full of them! I want more, more, more! My little crafty girl knows what mama likes! Anyway, isn't it adorable? Of course you're not going to say "no". She has even inspired me to give a try at some cupcake masterpieces...

And, I was just sent a email from a lady that works for Reactor Magazine, a regional arts & entertainment (free) magazine that focuses on my local area--the Tri-Cities--& surrounding areas. She is in charge of a new DIY section in that publication & wants to highlight my Etsy shop in the upcoming issue. She said the bit would include my shop's name, web address, where I'm from, and a small picture of my newly listed "CUPCAKE Mini Tag Banner"! My "highlight" would be "in the company of a few other great Etsyers." & has a distribution of 10,000. Isn't that just slightly awesome? I do find it kind of odd that she chose my cupcake banner to highlight though. They don't seem like the "cutesy" type, but it IS a new section in the mag & she did mention they are undergoing a full remodel.
She found me through Etsy, cause she has a shop there called My Pop.

(And why am I posting so early? This night owl usually has the WhiMSy love report ready when the moon is up. Well, THIS morning I was up with all the other swim moms to sign my oldest wee one up for swim lessons. I SO don't fit in with all the other swim moms! This next 2 weeks should be very intersting...)


  1. Ohh so lovely! she takes after her mamma! Way to go about being featured!!! How awesome is that?!! just remember us little people when Whimsylove goes national!!!lol!!

  2. What do you mean "lol"??
    I'm really excited about it. It's the small steps, right? And you KNOW I'm not going to be able to shut up about it when that issue comes out! I'll be carrying around a little wrinkled, withered & crunched up copy of that mag wherever I go!!

  3. YAYYYYY!!!!! Good job on the article! That's insanely awesome!
    ...uhhh Niki, did you want to fit in with those other swim moms??? You are way cooler than that!!!

    BTW you should scan that pic and put it on iron on paper and put it on your fav apron/t-shirt/tote!!!!

  4. Very cool! She's only four? I hate to show you what *my* four year old paints. Everything he does looks like a plate of spaghetti, LOL!

    WTG on the added exposure, too. That ought to be great!

  5. The pulication goes to press July 30th & I'll get my copy a few weeks after that!!

    Great idea with scanning the cupcake pic, btw, Geri!! Where have you been??!!

  6. Great cupcake & congrats on the press! You deserve it.

  7. Oh how exciting!!!

    And what a talented kid. :)

  8. Oh Nikki your blog does make me smile, I love thinking of your day to day life.
    What a genius get her painting quick they are fab.
    Oh how wonderful mag news, don't forget to show us a copy.


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