Friday, July 6, 2007

Family Tree...'WhiMSy love' Style!

I'm finishing up these bottle cap pendants for a customer today. (It's actually an order from my mom!) These are presents for each of her sisters & her mom. (**Hi Aunties & Grandmother!**) The cap on the top left is my mom. I made an extra one for her too. They have a "sister's reunion" once every 2 years & they usually bring each other special gifts.

I'm going to loop on some colored beads to hang from the top of the split ring. You can kinda tell in the picture but they each have a different color of glitter that is "framing" the picture inside. For some reason, since the "sisters" started these reunions they have each designated each other a certain color. I think it's their favorite color or something. Anyway, I went along with that & matched the glitter with their specific color & even the bottle caps are along the theme of color. Purple is "Imitation Grape Soda", Red is "Raspberry Soda", etc. They are all unused vintage cork lined bottle caps.

But I was thinking....wouldn't this be the coolest way to do a family tree?

I will miss all my blog friends tomorrow as I will be on a 4 hour trip to Everett, WA for a family gathering. I'll be making the return trip home all in the same day! I'll be kid-less & hubby-less, so this is the ultimate in "Nikki Day" fun!


  1. Oh how thoughtful! your mom and aunties are cute!!! You have done an awesome job. I know they will looooveee them. Enjoy 'your' day! soak in the quiet...?....Be safe girly! show us lots of pics when you get back.

  2. those are soo neat and the family tree would be awesome sort of like one of those small feather chrismas trees or something. have fun being "alone". i love those moments. :)

  3. Love the family tree idea! I've done a few of those in clay. THe bottle caps look great. I keep wanting to try something with bottle caps - they're nifty!

  4. This is such a cute idea, and you did a great job with the pendants!

  5. Really cute! I love that each sister has a color. I'm off to go tell my sisters we should each have a color. Hmmm? Pink for me? Or light blue? Or jadite green? So many pastels, so little time!

  6. Yay!!! They look great! ;O) Hope you have a wonderful Nikki day and drive safely!! I'll tell my sister to wave at you, she's in Seattle but she's a great waver!

  7. they are lovely Nikki what a fab gift, oh those reunions sound fun


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