Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Goodies for Me! Goodies for England!

It's so fun when you order awesome goodies & they arrive in the mail! But, what about when you find a surprise gift that was totally unexpected? That's EVEN BETTER!! Yesterday I received a lovely & fantastic & BEAUTIFUL pair of earrings from JoAnne at Reindeer Girl Designs! It was a "thank you" for featuring her in my YOWZA! segment--you are VERY welcome JoAnne! And the fun part is she sent me the 'creamsicle' earrings I pictured in the feature, that happened to be my favorite from her shop! They are absolutely gorgeous too! I've never felt so sassy in my life! They hang nice & low & are lightweight & totally yummy! My daughter even wants to eat them! I immediately tossed my hair up in a ponytail, stuck those babies in & headed out the door to my crafty night. Who cares if I didn't match?! Sassy goes with everything!

In other goody news, I finally finished, or rather got AROUND to finishing a neck wrap. I've decided to call them "Neck Noodles". And this one is going out to my blog buddy Kara in England. I've decided to send her one & have her be my guinea pig customer. She'll give me her opinions on it & I'll tweek 'em here & there as needed until I can get them in the shop. I'm already thinking they'll make GREAT Christmas presents! Filled with flax seed & lavender, they can be warmed in the microwave for a toasty Noodle "Aahhhhh!" moment, or you can chill out after placing it in the freezer & wrapping around your neck!

**Interested in signing up for the "UGLY BIZ CARD CONTEST"? Click HERE for a link on the info & fab prizes!


  1. Those earrings are soo hot! sassy you!
    necknoodle, sounds yummy!lol!

  2. Thanks Nikki, I think the same thing about Bella. Love your shop, send one of those noodles to my mother.


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