Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Section in the Shop!

Hi blog peeps! Just a reminder that if you want to enter the "Ugly Biz Card" Contest, you have PLENTY of time to do so! Click HERE for the info. And thanks to those donating prizes!! This is gonna be a blast! Thanks everyone!

I've added a new category to my shop this week- "Vintage & Supplies". I normally don't sell these items, but since my little rental space at the artsy antique mall closed up, I've decided to sell my leftover goodies at WhiMSy love! I'm pricing to sell, so check it out! There's only one item as of now, but all next week I'll be adding more!
Featured in the picture is a set of 10 plastic hangers for doll clothes. On one side is a happy clown. On the other side, a clown with a frown. They are really cute with a vintage-y feel.

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