Monday, July 9, 2007

I Can Finally Reveal...

Phew! My package to my cupcake swap partner is finally in her hands! Jen's been on vacation, so her sweet little presents have been lonely without her!

I am TOTALLY bummed because I was so excited to get the package sent off to her that I forgot to take a picture of how I wrapped each individual present in that fantastic scratch-n-sniff cupcake gift wrap that I've been saving for a special occasion. They were each tied off with a strip of hot pink tulle. So cute!
Does it seem like I'm braggin? 'Cause I am!! No, I'm just so excited that Jen loved it & I wanted to share also! She has pictures up on her blog too!!
I handmade: a package of pinwheel cupcake picks, a round cupcake decoration to decorate a "plug-in" outlet, a bottle cap pendant (pictured at the top of the page), 3 cupcake notecards, a cupcake apron (the first one I EVER did!), a cupcake tag, & you might notice the cupcake themed paper bag journal that I mentioned in my blog a while back. I also sent her some other Etsy artists items such as a gift certificate for a cupcake wax melt or candle in her choice of sent from Epicurious Market, & a fun cupcake button from Sweet Bonny. All that, along with some fun store bought cupcake stuff made for a package that made me even squeal as I was putting it all together for my swap buddy!


  1. OOOOH... cup cake loveliness!! Really...
    another fab apron too!

  2. Thanks Christine! I really love the apron too. And I'm wondering...when will I get one?

  3. oh wow how great are all those items, Nikki you are so fab

  4. Everything is wonderful!! Thanks again Nikki! And not to worry--I have you covered with a picture of the packages--too adorable not to photograph, it's on my blog. Smells really good too : )

  5. What a generous package! I see some stuff that I have too-great minds think alike!

  6. Hi Jen!! Thanks for being such an awesome swap buddy! I had a blast!

  7. Wow - I wish I was your swap partner! But nothing I could make would be deserving of all of your cupcake goodies!


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