Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inspiration Can Come from Unlikely Places...

I love this pink ice cream cart! This is what tempts me at most of my visits to the river or park with my girls. Yum...

I forgot to mention yesterday how awesomely fun it was to have my 3 year old with me at the swim class! We stuffed her backpack with goodies to occupy our time-- miniature colored pencils, a notebook, her favorite lamby stuffed doll, a stuffed puppy, popcorn snack, bottled water & of course her sunglasses. We sat on Zoey's beach towel & doodled, munched & watched. In fact, I was suddenly inspired to create a new line of notecards with my own "artwork". I love doodling & can only create simple drawings, but I am going to attempt to make 2 sets of notecards using colored pencils. The first will be a "sweet tooth" set. The second will be a "snack foods" set. I'll be working hard to get a set out before I leave on the 4th for Oakland, CA. This is so new for me & I am completely excited & nervous! Yay for butterflies! See, even inspiration can come from awkward swim class when you're surrounded by intimidating "pool moms".

Oh, & I'm excited to reveal--later this evening--my newest mini tag banner. I decided to go with the word "RELAX". Thanks Polka Dot Creations! But there'll be many more in the making as this is one of my new crafty obsessions!

**The Ugly Biz Card Contest is actually still open for those that wish to join! August 1st is the last day for sign ups! The cards must be mailed back to me by Sept. 1st. Five fabulous artists have donated prizes to the contest! (I included myself in that "fabulous" bunch!) 15 contestants so far. Any more takers????


  1. OOh soooo cute! I love anything pink and it's vintage look evenbetter... I just love when I have one or some of my kids with me at something like those swim lessons... I alway feel like I've got a big 'ole Neon Loser sign on my head... and my boys alway get my mind off the snobby snobs! Even better when my hubby comes along. It is so neat to see all the new things you come up with! Keep 'em coming! :)

  2. Glad you liked RELAX! If you make one in shades of mauve, gold & burgundy maybe I'll get one for my bedroom :-)

  3. Of course I can't pass up the opportunity to make something for my polka dot girl!

  4. Love the ice cream cart! So vintage.


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