Saturday, July 7, 2007

In Memory of a Classy Lady...

Goodbye Auntie Max. I'll see ya later...


  1. No wonder you are so cool! Look at your family tree! Sorry to hear your aunt is gone.

  2. AWW what a pretty lady! I bet she IS a sweety!
    Does she have a color? Sorry you had to say Goodbye for now...

  3. She's beautiful!! Best wishes to you and your family. I'm sure she's totally smiling down on you right now! I think she even laughed a few times. ;O)

  4. Thanks guys!! Auntie Max was my moms Aunt--my grandmother's sister, so she was my GREAT AUNT. Bella, she is not one pictured in the "family tree bottle caps", so she didn't have a "color". But she like animal prints & I think she liked red too!!

  5. Oh Nikki
    I feel for you and your family, love and hugs to all, what a beautiful lady


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